Jagquie is an exceptionally gifted therapist, and my session with her was truly transformative. I was stunned by the skill and speed with which she steered me to clarity and self-discovery; her intuitive questioning uncovered and permanently cleared a deeply buried belief that had shaped me for decades. This shift in perception has been empowering and has already profoundly affected my life.


I am so grateful for Jagquie’s insight, wisdom and guidance, and for the graceful way she creates a safe space for exploration, revelation and healing. Her wealth of experience in psychotherapy and healing modalities, combined with her warm compassionate approach, result in sessions that are life-changing — I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Jenny B, Bali

I am a recovering alcoholic. I’ve been sober since November 6th, 2009. As part of my recovery, I went to therapy on that exact day until I decided to come to Bali in 2015 and fell in love with this beautiful island.

I was absolutely sure that those 6 years of therapy had given me the necessary tools to deal with myself, but it took me a while to realize that those tools were only good for the Silvina that I used to be until I arrived in Bali. A new me was born in Bali. Not only did I change location, but I also changed myself, for the better I think.

A while ago I lost myself again: I was using those tools from the western mind to deal with my Balinese reality. They don’t apply. So, I decided I needed to unlearn them and find new ways.

in Jags’s guidance, I found a healing combination: she comes from the West like me but has chosen the oriental wisdom for herself and for us, the lucky ones who get to work with her and, thanks to her grace, her generosity, her professionalism and her support, manage to find the rope to get out of the hole, again ;)

Her ability to identify the wounds that reappeared as I put myself in new situations made it possible for me to deal with them and heal.

Her kindness and wisdom provide me with a safe and nurturing space I did not know I needed so much.

I feel blessed to have found her and to have the privilege to have her in my life.

Thank you Jags!!! Love.

Silvina, Bali

My work with you unlocked something that has been holding me back but hadn’t revealed itself to me despite the years of work I have done to try and uncover it.
I could sense something in my gut was lurking and pulling me back as I was striving forward.  It was a pain in my core that kept warning me of some impending doom. The work with you locked into that pain and moved me through it.  
I feel so excited to now lock into my personal purpose and lean into my power.  The impending doom has gone as I know what it was and have forgiven myself and others for the pain and released it.
I have forward momentum and feel a sense of impending joy.
Your process is truly powerful – thank you.

Jane Peacock, Australia

Hello Jagquie, thank you for your work yesterday, it meant a lot to me.
It was such a comfort time during the session, even though I come with my heavy issues.
I felt like I travelled through my life since I was in my mother’s womb all the way to the present moment by her guidance.
I really appreciate Jagquie clearing each and every issue.

Her work really made sense to me.

Yuki, Japan

I tried the new Fast Track Therapy with Jagquie Appleby.  I had a burdening issue, what prevented me, to move forward, in life.

Amazingly enough, my issue got solved, within 2 hrs!  

Jagquie helped to it, to discover & review my problem, in different perspectives.  

I got release, by letting it go...with special phrases, to be repeated each time in the reframing process.

Glad that I tried the new method & great, that I met Jagquie, just in time, of need!

Monika Rivers, Germany

Jagquie Appleby has a real gift for getting to the nub of things when you have a Fast Track Therapy session with her.
She instinctively knows the right questions to ask but, importantly, she also listens. She respects you.


I have had sessions with other professionals and all I could think was “Get me out of here” as they presented as being preoccupied and not engaged with me.
Not Jagquie. I felt heard, not judged and I knew that I would be safe with her. I also discovered things about myself which have been invaluable - enabling me to move forward in a more productive way.
I have no hesitation in highly recommending Jagquie.

Sue Barker, Australia

I went to Jaguie to help me find balance prior to a traumatising eye procedure.  I was deeply impressed by how she brings together wisdom, compassion and a wealth of clinical experience in a very professional yet personal way.  She has a wide variety of modalities in her toolbox and is constantly adding to them, moving between them as appropriate.  I felt very safe and supported by Jagquie as a therapist and cannot  recommend her too highly.

Cat Wheeler, Bali

Thank you so much Jagquie for such a wonderful session. It has been over two weeks now since our session and I have felt a definite shift. I genuinely do "trust more, and feel safer and more relaxed everyday" since then. I am so grateful for your ability to get to the root of what was holding me back and for helping me to clear it. I came to you hoping to shift some repetitive energy which I felt was holding me back from selling my place and since then 5 new potential buyers have presented themselves, all with very different energy from the previous people I was attracting, and far more aligned to my vision. Thank you again.

Jenny Newton, Australian living in Bali

I have known Jagquie Appleby for a year and for the last 9 months we have spoken frequently about her various psychotherapy skills. She has been a therapist for the last 30 years, working with a variety of clients. Her skills include Radical Exposure Tapping...way to help people release trauma, Counseling, Hypnotherapy and of course my favorite Fast Track Technique.
The Fast Track session she recently did for me was powerful and clarified many of my concerns.

I would highly recommend Jagquie to be a therapist in any healing group. She would be a valuable contribution.

Susan Spilman, PhD, USA

I’ve had sessions with Jagquie to deal with the recent loss of my mother.  I was feeling deeply depressed, anxious and lost.


Jagquie was very helpful in this phase of my life.  I thought she was very patient, warm, empathic and a good listener, to say a few of the many qualities she has. She also transmits a sense of peace and calm and I left each session feeling lighter.


I really appreciated her support during those incredibly difficult days.

E.O.  Bali